Monday, June 7, 2010

Download Oxford Deluxe 2.2 (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)

Enfour, Inc. has combined Oxford's largest single volume English Dictionary and largest Thesaurus, ♪plus audio♪ all in one application —making this the largest Oxford English reference on ANY mobile platform.

● The entire Oxford Dictionary of English, Second Edition (ODE)
● Oxford Thesaurus of English, Second Edition (OTE). Including extensive reading & reference material, over and above the core content
● 45,000 pre-recorded sound files from the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary with British English voice actors.

—yes, over 200MB! (Actually over 300MB when installed)
That's ten times more data than similar applications.

◼ Enfour, Inc.'s Application Features:

▪ full content of the unabridged texts
▪ complete appendices and front matter
▪ unique three-way cross-referencing search
▪ real-time progressing look-up
▪ wildcard searches for unknown spellings and quizzes
▪ hyperlinking between dictionary & thesaurus
plus to and from appendices
▪ unique support for round-trip search from other applications
(the API is free. Contact Enfour, Inc.)
▪ bookmarks with editable notations
▪ automatic history
▪ complete offline use - no internet connection is required



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