Friday, June 4, 2010

Download Mystery of Unicorn Castle (2010) (IPhone)

A detective adventure in the style of “I’m looking for.” Heroine pursuing strange dreams. Every night, Jane wanders confusing corridors of the old castle, and then turns on the emerald meadow. Girl meets a beautiful unicorn and … at that moment she always wakes up.

One morning, Jane receives a letter from Britain with a request to come to the nest Morion. The author has refrained from any comment and simply refers to the time and place of the meeting. A desperate American woman decides to gamble. Perhaps, this trip will shed light on her mysterious dreams?

Objective of the game – sort out the mystery Morion and find the legendary heart of the castle. This precious relic able to remove an ancient family curse. Along with Jane, you will search for this artifact and spend your own detective investigation, play exciting mini-games and will do everything to establish the truth, to separate fact from fiction.

File format:. Ipa
Version: 1.00
Firmware: 2.0 and above
Platform: iPhone / iPod Touch



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