Sunday, May 23, 2010

Download A Glow Battery 1.0 (iPhone/iPod touch)

If your iPhone, iPod touch or has a battery, you must have it!
A “MUST HAVE” for every iPhone/iTouch.

Offer a longer battery service time and battery life for your iPhone/iTouch, by using this application. To avoid the trouble of battery-rundown without notification!

A Glow Battery is an application which can display your battery maintenance with awesome effects.

It can display the Remaining Time statistics of your iPhone/iTouch battery life in hours and minutes accurately.

It displays the Remaining Time of your iPhone/iPod in Hours and Minutes:
- Talk time
-Stand by time
- Wi-Fi Internet Browsing Time
- 3D Game Playing Time
- 2D Game Playing Time
- Video Play Time
- Audio Play Time
-Files Transferring Time

It provides varies of battery themes including: Snow, Aquarium, Luxuriance, MapleLeaf, Star trail, Fluorescence, Purple, and Cherry blossom.

More information on how to prolong your battery life time with easy methods. A very short time of reading provides a longer life time for your battery. Turn on Dispaly Lock to stop battery theme sliding from left to right


Sound Alter Notification when you’ve completed your battery charging.

Attention: For the actual conditions of batteries are different, the remaining charge time is just for the reference

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