Thursday, January 21, 2010

Download Music God 1.1 (iPhone/iPod)

Have you ever wondered how much does the music library on your iPhone or iPod Touch cost? Which hour of the day do you usually listen to music? How much would your music library weigh if put on cassette tapes? How about the shortest/longest track? Your most favorite genre? The song you hate the most? how long of a shelf would you need for yourmusic library? The total time you have so far spent listening to music?

Music God is the first ever music library tag analyzer on an iPhone and iPod Touch. It goes through your complete music collection and builds some rather fascinating statistics about your music and listening habits. To do that, Music God analyzes tags of all tracks (e.g name, ratings, play count, date last played, date last skipped, track length, skip count, genre,…etc) and then performs sophisticated calculations to compute these statistics:

Your Numbers:
• Total music library cost
• Music library weight if put on 60-minutes cassette tapes
• Library shelf length if you were to put your music collection on compact discs
• Percentage of never played tracks
• Total play count
• Average track play count
• Total number of tracks, albums, artists, genres

The Good:
• Most loved song
• Favorite artist
• Favorite genre
• Favorite album

The Bad:
• Most hated song
• Not so favorite artist
• Abandoned genre
• Why do you have this album?

Your times:
• Total time spent listening to your music
• Top listening hour of the day
• Total music time
• Shortest track
• Longest track
• Average track length

Other Music God features include:
+ Ability to post individual statistics to Twitter and Facebook.
+ Automatic music video lookup/playback (via YouTube) for the top most loved and hated tracks.
+ Switch for unit system (US>UK>EU).

What's new

+ Bug fixes
+ New statistics: Most common song word, playlists count







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