Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Download Chillix NightTime Plus v1.2 iPhone iPod Touch

NightTime was the first digital clock in the App Store and it’s had it’s fair share of imitators since then, so when we decided to update it, we wanted to make sure we came up with the perfect blend of features and design:

Size matters - quite simply, NightTime Plus is the biggest and best looking digital clock in the App Store. The huge LED numbers are easy to read even from across the room.

Shout to snooze alarm - no fiddling about looking for a tiny button to silence the alarm - NightTime Plus offers three ways to snooze (or stop) your alarm. Just tell it to be quiet and it will snooze for your pre-set time, give the phone a gentle shake or simply tap the full screen buttons.

Tip - to get the best from the 'shout to snooze' function make sure you speak during the gaps between the beeps - the phone can't hear you if it's already making a sound. Audio feedback - you'll hear a beep to acknowledge that NightTime Plus has heard you.

Any color you like - not only can your numbers can be any color you want, NightTime Plus also has the unique abilty to add textures to the colors to create a truly personalized display.

Portrait or landscape - NightTime Plus supports either mode, so whichever way you use your phone you know you’ll be getting the biggest, clearest display there is.

NightTime Plus has a clean, simple interface - just tap on the numbers to access the settings or the alarm icon to set the alarm.

Version 1.0
• Huge easy to read portrait or landscape display
• Any color you like
• Shout to snooze alarm feature
• Adjustable brightness setting
• Picks up your 12hr/24hr settings from the phone
• Turns off auto-lock to prevent the iPhone/iPod Touch sleeping whilst it’s running
• Clean interface with hidden status bar

What's new

Bug fix for voice controlled alarm switch
Louder alarm
Bug fix for alarm button in landscape mode



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