Saturday, November 21, 2009

Download Mumcode Software MumSMS Plus v5.09.1106

MumSMS+ is a smart powerful software which offers you an easy way to protect your private and confidential messages in your mobile phone. All your sensitive SMS/MMS including sent, received and draft messages can be hidden automatically by choosing a proper profile.

All your hidden messages are kept in good order and can be read only with right password.

Here are some key features of “MumSMS+ (S60 3rd Edition)”:

· A fire-new, powerful, secure and easy-to-use messages managing UI(user interface).
· Protect(Hide) the received messages(SMS/MMS) automatically if user defined.
· Protect(Hide) the sent messages(SMS/MMS) automatically if user defined.
· Protect(Hide) the messages(SMS/MMS) in the draft folder automatically if user defined.
· Supported Hide/Show message of any folder by handy choose in message manager.
· Unlimited amount of user-defined profiles which can be switched at will.
· Supported two type of profiles: black lists (hide all message on list) and white lists (hide all except what are on the list)
· Any telephone no./contact person/prefix of telephone no. are allowed being added in the list of profile.
· Supported user-defined screen saver of message manager.
· Supported user-defined unread notification of automatic protection.
· Supported scanning of any folders to hide/show/apply-profile by handy operation.
· All hidden messages can be read only after right password input.
· All hidden messages are protected in good order.
· All messages could be synchronized with other devices/network in your usual way.

Register with 00000 and restart app.

Tested on N95 8gb and worked.

Might work on other Feature Packs.

Compatible With

Symbian S60 3rd Ed, 3rd Ed FP1, 3rd Ed FP2,
5th Ed

Nokia E51, E55, E60, E61, E61i, E63, E65, E66, E70, E71, E71x, E72, E75, E90, N78, N79, N80, N81, N81 8GB, N82, N85, N86, N92, N93, N93i, N95, N95 8GB, N96, 5630, 5800, 6710



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