Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Free Download mobile game-Might And Magic 2 s60 v2

The return of the cult game to mobile phones, integrating all of the RPG components previously reserved for only PC and console games.

No fewer than 19 levels in extremely varied environments: village, cities, forest, glacier, desert, etc.
A magical adventure bursting with action: enemies of all kinds to fight off with your sword or by resorting to multiple spells.

A non-linear, captivating gameplay, based on an advanced quest system and the exploration of vast environments.

A true feeling of freedom: possibility of speaking to all of the characters, improving your arsenal of weapons, etc.

Easy accessibility: intuitive controls, simplified indication of objectives and directions, etc. s60 v2 and N 70

Click to Download for s60v2



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Really nice game , plus its free. Thanks for sharing

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