Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Free Download mobile Software-UCWEB v6.0 Beta 2 Eng Translated J2ME

UCWeb: Java J2ME mobile more browser with Push SMS, AutoRefresh, Traffic Statistics, Multi thread Downloads & Custom user agent

UCWeb is A free Java J2ME based mobile more browser for MIDP 2,0 compatible mobile DEVICEs.

It support some unique features look for as inbuilt email client on with webmail (Yahoo, live Hotmail, GMail, AIM, etc.) support, audio and video multimedia more player, push SMS, off-line content saving, tie-clip board, traffic statistics and multi threaded down load manager.

Here of acres some OF the keys feature OF UCWeb for Java J2ME:

+ Compression upto 80%
+ Configurable user agent
+ DATA traffic statistics tons of COUNTs the DATA traffic OF your browsing or file downloads
+ Push SMS
+ in built email with support for webmail accounts look for as live Hotmail, GMail Yahoo and AOL.
+ RSS reader
+ save of webpages for off-line viewing
+ tie-clip board ton of CoPy and paste URL into ADDRESS without and three additional option look for as CoPy selected text, CoPy displaying text in current, and CoPy all the text in current window.
+ Multi threaded down load manager with resume capabilities
+ Upto ten tabs CAN opened from one window
+ Autocomplete history from previously typed URLs
+ user defined text size and row space
+ Rotate screen from portrait ton landscape fashion and vice versa
+ Backlight brightness adjustment, user defined backlight timers
+ car Refresh
+ Configurable image quality; Picture intelligent optimization display
+ support zoom shot in and with Full screen support out
+ Preview many type OF email attachmens look for as doc, pdf, ppt, xls, zip, RSR, txt, HTML, eml
+ supports playing audio and video file of format including mid, wav, amr, MP and MPEG
+ PAGE transition effects
+ open duplicate window for current Web PAGE and view PAGE of properties

Click Here To Download From Rapidshare.


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