Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Free Download mobile Software-Calc4M v1.2 J2ME

This scientific calculator is configurable and contains most of the normal functions such as trigonometric and logarithmic functions, conversions, constants, memories and binary and hexadecimal notation.

It tries to figure out the best position of the menu, clear and equal buttons to resemble the phone model ordinary positions.

Hopefully it is easy and fast to use. One important thing to note is that most buttons have two functions. Press and hold down the key to access the "secondary" function.

The following settings are configurable
display a welcome screen or not
display the call stack or not
automatically return to the basic arithmetic screen or not
use full screen mode or not
use nice looking button texts or "safe" texts that works in any mobile
two different keyboard layouts
calculation font size
default number format (sci/eng/default)
type of "long button press" notification

updated default default/sci/eng handling
added a MIDP 1.0 version
updated constants handling on the MIDP 1.0 version.

Click Here To Download From Rapidshare.


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