Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Free Download mobile game-Brain Challenge eVol 2

Boost your brain & relieve stress with this entertaining, adaptive training program involving memory, visual, logic & math skills, plus a focus category to help improve your concentration! Evaluate your mental capacity under regular or stressful conditions with the Daily Test & the Stress Management Test, and work with a personal coach to improve. Check your stats with the brain chart & view your scores after each exercise. This natural brain enhancement fits into any busy day perfectly and improves your overall health!

Compatible with

E61 / E61i / E62 / N71 / N92



Anonymous said...

huh!it can't be download.....:X

drraman said...

now you can download new link added

Anonymous said...

how can i download this game,..pls answer

drraman said...


Anonymous said...

yes plzz

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