Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Free Download Mobile Python v1.4.2 Final

Python for S60 is Nokia's port of the Python language to the S60 smartphone platform. In addition to the standard features of the Python language, PyS60 provides access to many of the phone's uniquely smartphone-y functions, such as camera, contacts, calendar, audio recording and playing, TCP/IP and Bluetooth communications and simple telephony.
It's open source, under Apache 2 and Python licenses. You can download the source for the latest release from SourceForge.
...and what it is really about is making it not only possible but also easyfun to hack these wonderful gadgets.

21 January 2008 : Python for S60 1.4.2 FINAL has been released !

* NEW : phone's log module has been added : SMS , received calls etc.
* Localised vendor ID and unique vendor ID have been set to "Nokia" in the SIS packages for 3rd edition. As a result, you may need to uninstall the previous version before installing this one.
* bug fix : wrong time returned for inbox messages
* bug fix : positioning.select_module() crashes python
* bug fix : calendar find_instances fails for long searchstrings
* bug fix : e32.ao_callgate(not_a_callable) fails to set an exce
* bug fix : Code in appuifwmodule.cpp prevents use of SVG icons
* bug fix : Incomplete Documentation for 1.4.1 Video APIs
* bug fix : Missing 00000000.rss file in template dir
* bug fix : import telephone causes an error
* bug fix : e32db format_time broken in some localisations
* bug fix : ViewSrv 9 panic while exiting previously backgrounde
* bug fix : start_server does not report error for unknown file
* bug fix : Incomplete documentation for Contact object
* bug fix : Adding Icon with out-of-range index to Listbox

PythonForS60_1_4_2_3rdEd.SIS Mirror
PythonScriptShell_1_4_2_3rdEd_unsigned_freedevcert .SIS

Click Here To Download From Rapidshare.


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