Monday, March 17, 2008

Free Download mobile game-Ski Jumping Platinum 2008

Another exciting ski jumping season is ahead of us, but instead of being a passive viewer in front of the TV, compete in them yourself!

Breakpoint presents a new edition of ski jumping! This time — a platinum version. Wonderful graphics and great jump mechanics make this the best game for the winter!

There are 14 different hills. You can practice on them or take part in the tournament! Some of the hills are available from the start, while some must be unlocked by setting new records. A unique position indicator while in the air allows for great fun and ensures that making a good jump is easy to learn even for people new to ski jumping. The game can also be played by several people both on a chosen hill and in the tournament.

So grab your mobile and practice, so you can set new records along with our jumpers.


Up to 14 different hills.
Multiplayer supporting up to 8 players in one game.
Training and tournament modes.
Varied difficulty settings.
Bonus unlockable hills.
Jumper customization.
Upload scores to our server.
Simple and intuitive controls.
Fine-tuned physics.
Multilanguage version

Click Here To Download From Rapidshare.


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