Friday, March 7, 2008

Free Download mobile game-MotoRacing Fever 3D

A life on the open road, riding your hog, is one of those Easy Rider-inspired fantasies that most males over a certain age would give their hind teeth for. Cruising across North America's interstate highways with nothing but the empty countryside and a wide ribbon of tarmac stretching out in front of you, it's a simple dream.

Following the story of the pun-tastic Sam Petrol, Moto Racing Fever sees you trying to join a group of racers known as the 'Racing Fever Motorcycle Club'.

Your quest to join the club will see you burning through several major US cities, including New York, Washington, and San Francisco, over three chapters of the story. Each of these locations is epitomised by a series of distinctive landmarks you'll race past, and tracks are kept entertaining by the use of tunnels, bridges and other changes of scenery that force you to think on your toes.

Moto Racing Fever 3D


- Story mode with 27 races and cool & emotional in-game cinematics
- Colorful bright graphics – recognizable U.S.A settings (New York, Mount Rushmore, San Francisco)
- Enjoy amazing speed - Use nitro boosts, perform motorcycle-unique stunts
- Achieve High Score and post it to Mobile LeagueTM
- SMS Feature & Get more games included
- Game available in 3D and 2D

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