Monday, January 28, 2008

FREE DOWNLOAD Mobile game - Townsmen 5

In the game Townsmen you are given the position of mayor and it is up to you to make your small village become a city. The way to this goal leads trough clever managing of your work force, finances and of natural resources. With your finances and with resources you will build a lumberjack’s house for example. Assign people from living quarters (workforce) to work there and you will soon get some wood . The surplus of wood you can sell on the marketplace and from the acquired finances hire another workforce or build another house.

This is the basic principle but of course the game is far more complex. When you have well economized and money and resources are plenty can upgrade your buildings (e.g. the fisherman’s hut can later be upgraded to a port or the blacksmith’s hut can later become a factory).

Life would be easy if you without the power of nature; your settlement is not safe from disasters. It can happen that burglars steal resources and money or fire or a tornado destroy or downgrade buildings.

In our country there exists an expression “German graphics”. This means a graphics made into the smallest detail. This expression suits for the graphics of Townsmen – although you are looking at the same screen for the whole game, you will see many details like working people, flowing water or smoke from some buildings. Of course builds also change their appearance when you upgrade them. All in all the graphics is just great and very cute.
I also have to praise the music. On my Nokia 7210 there plays a nice melody; if you are heading into trouble (low finances or a lack of resources) the music will change and you will immediately know there is something messing up. The polyphonic sound on a Nokia Series 60 device is just average. It is a bit too loud but anyway sounds birds of sheep live up the game.

Exclamation marks above buildings show you that an action is currently going on inside, whereas the color (Green, Yellow or Red) show you whether the action is positive or not. Buildings need resources to maintain them – if you don’t have enough a red exclamation mark will appear. There is also a menu where you can see how many resources you need to run your village. At the market you can of course buy resources (for a high price) if you are really in trouble.

Control is very easy. Each building has a key number; by pressing it you can enter the building an see how many people are working there, how many resources are needed to run the certain building and how many resources are loading there. Help in the form of so called ‘Diary movies’ will teach and show you information about the system of game.

Townsmen is a very well done build up strategy game. The motivation of it is very good and several gamers will instantly become addictive. When I reached the day 1000 (which took me more than one week) the game became a bit monotonous because my village was running very good and the game was not that challenging anymore. The only thing which keeps me playing now is to keep my city as many days as possible and upgrade all buildings. As far as I can expect this will take me two more weeks. The complex system is a real challenge for the strategists. For all gamers who liked the classic ‘Settlers’ by Bluebyte this game is a must, for all the others it is ‘just’ very good entertainment.

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