Sunday, December 9, 2007

FREE DOWNLOAD Mobile Movie-Shoot 'Em Up


Mr. Smith is waiting for a bus when a pregnant woman runs by, chased by a group of thugs. Smith kills them and delivers the baby, but the mother is killed. Chased by the evil Mr. Hertz and an army of goons, Smith enlists DQ, a lactating prostitute, to help him care for the baby.

After a series of gun fights, Smith discovers the truth. A Democratic presidential candidate and supporter of draconian gun control measures is dying, but had several supporters impregnanted from his sperm so he could harvest the children. The women were killed by Mr. Hertz who was working for a wealthy firearms executive. However, Mr. Hertz and the Democratic politican cut a deal to work together. Smith kills every one of them personally, and in the end he reunites with DQ and the baby to start a new family.

in english

password:- rohit&phenom


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