Saturday, December 1, 2007

Free Download Mobile game Real Rugby

This is the real stuff no helmets or time outs here.

There have been quite a few attempts to cash in on rugby's popularity. Most only focus on one of the many disciplines whether it's drop kicks or basic scrummage. Real Football may be entering its fourth incarnation now, but Gameloft have decided to give rugby a go for the first time in the Real series.

Real Rugby contains pretty much everything you can expect; scrums, lineouts, turnovers, mauls and more. It is practically the complete package and they have managed to create a smooth flowing game. There are clear similarities with Real Football and they obviously share some of the same genes. As with its cousin, Real Rugby is played in isometric view and the joystick is redundant.

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Controlling the game is supposed to be simple; although personally, I rarely use the keypad for gaming and it took a while to acclimatise. When you have the ball, the player will automatically run. 4 and 6 are used for direction; 2 can give a short sprint; 5 executes a pass and 8 is kick (press and hold for a high kick/drop goal). You can run quite far with the ball and with some dodging and weaving some serious yardage can be won. Your player will even stick his arm out when the opposition gets close. There are plenty of these little details which adds to the realism of the game - seeing the scrum half peek into the back of a drive to pick the ball is a particularly nice touch. The other aspects of the game such as lineouts and scrums are very easy pick up and there is also a decent training section if you wish. For all its brutality, rugby is a surprisingly precise sport and comes packed with many detailed rules. Real Rugby has managed to cram in most of these including off side and drop outs. The only thing missing is having a choice between kicking for a lineout or for goal following an offside.

Both International and club teams are present with full team and player stats. The game has more tournaments and leagues that I have ever seen and there is even a mini game centred around penalty kicks.

It's a great package that is worthy of the 'Real' tag

Compatible with

E61 / E61i / E62 / N71 / N92
N91 / 3250
N73 / N75 / N76 / N77 / N93 / N93i / E50 / E65 / 5700 / 6110 / 6120/ 6290 / LG KS10 Joy


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