Wednesday, December 12, 2007

FREE DOWNLOAD Mobile Game-Kamikaze-Robots

Kamikaze Robots has one of the weirdest concepts of any game ever made. You play as a robot in a bizarre futuristic sporting event that involves getting booted down a hill and "racing" other robots in a near free fall to the finish line before blowing up. Every time you bounce, you risk losing a limb; once you lose all of your limbs, your head explodes and flies off, hopefully carrying you the last few meters and across the finish line.

What's even more bizarre than the setup is that it's actually kind of fun for a while. You're basically controlling a falling body. While in free fall, the only control you have is over your spin. With the right timing, you can alter your spin and land on your feet, which allows you to propel yourself forward into the air to gain momentum.

The tournament mode offers 30 different races of varying difficulties in which you'll earn computer chips (which are used to increase your stats: jump, spin, stamina, and explosive power, which propels your head from your body) by spinning a certain number of times or gaining enough height or distance on a bounce. Winning races also claims chips, so it's no good showboating if you're not a winner. The graphics scale in and out quite nicely when rolling down the hill, although sometimes you're spinning so fast that the game is hard-pressed to keep up, resulting in slowdown that can throw off your timing.

At its incredibly basic heart, Kamikaze Robots almost feels like a throwaway Flash game -- something you play on the Web when you should be working, but an hour goes by before you realize you've been doing one dumb thing over and over. Though it might be fun, it's seriously lacking in depth. It's good for a laugh, and it's got a ton of challenge in mastering the ridiculous control scheme, but like the main character, it's not built to last. Instead of aiming for a complex experience, the best Kamikaze Robots offers is 30 seconds of sci-fi slapstick repeated again and again. Yes, it's bizarre -- but not in the service of truly amazing gameplay.


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