Sunday, December 2, 2007

Free Download Mobile game Iron Max Triathlon

It takes more than an Iron Will and an Iron Body to complete the grueling 51.5 km Iron Max Triathlon across rugged country to make this one of the most extreme sports only for the Iron hearted.
Start with a 1.5 km swim followed by a 40 km bike ride and finally a 10 km run, try to make it across the finishing line first, that is if you can even make it across.


You start with a 1.5 km swim. Press 4 / Joystick left & 6 / Joystick right in quick succession to build up speed
Press numbers appearing on the screen in the correct sequence to build and maintain your speed
Press 4/Joystick Left to reduce pace, press 6 / Joystick right to increase pace. Conserve your energy and power to make a sprint towards the end


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