Thursday, November 22, 2007

Free Download Vito Audio Notes v1.25.2 for mobile phone

VITO AudioNotes is the easiest way to record calls on your Nokia phone, voice notes, lectures, interviews, negotiations

Description :

VITO AudioNotes is the easiest way to save important information on the go:

# record phone calls
# record notes in MP3 and WAV formats
# store recordings to storage card or phone memory
# append recording to the same file after stop
# auto record phone calls

VITO AudioNotes offers special features while recording:

# increase microphone sensitivity with automatic gain control
# avoid silence gaps with VAS (Voice Activation System)
# watch the file size growing while recording

Recorded notes are easily managed:

# move them between main memory and storage card
# perform basic operations like play, rename, delete
# view properties
# sort by name or date


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