Thursday, November 29, 2007

FREE DOWNLOAD Stalker v1.0

The game with RPG elements and the melancholy beauty of the world, a post-nuclear catastrophe. It has everything: a hero, without memory, without the help of residents, the enemies without punishment. Your task is to bring order, as in the outside world, and itself. The main value-eternal values: food, weapons, drugs… you-character harsh, and not especially razgovorchivy motivated. Woken? Go me! The village headman with the tender name Anna will give you a first job.
Key Features:
Image-processing stresses the overall style of the game, allowing the player to feel part of the world dark, barely post-nuclear war.
- gripping plot, which is rooted in the relationship with the new player, frightening world, hides an unexpected psychological drama. Characters give a hero job, which allows him osvaivatsya in the world, to find allies, improve skills, as in the role of full games.
Developers - management algorithm used hero, so you can explore this world is absolutely free to any directions are available.
- To ensure that the characters can circumvent obstacles wave algorithm developers used with modifications: the situation is evaluated dynamically, with predictions of conduct surrounding characters.
The game-used kvestovy original engine


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