Saturday, November 24, 2007

FREE DOWNLOAD Sony Pictures God Of War Betrayal v 1.4.20

The epic battle continues with God of War: Betrayal

Taking place after the events of the first wildly popular PlayStation® 2 game, Kratos fights through ancient Greece. A mysterious adversary frames Kratos for the murder of Argos, Hera’s pet, in an attempt to ruin Kratos’ favor with the gods of Olympus. Kratos pursues him to uncover the identity of the assassin’s master, the one ultimately responsible for trying to turn the gods against Kratos. Zeus grows troubled at the path of destruction left in Kratos’ wake, and orders Hermes to send his son, Ceryx, to deliver the message to Kratos to stop his pursuit of the assassin, or force him to stop if he refuses


* Perform devastating combo attacks on the ground or in the air with Athena’s Blades or the Blade of Artemis
* Freeze enemies in their tracks with Medusa’s Gaze, or summon the Army of Hades and unleash the fury of the underworld
* Attack while climbing walls or while hanging from a rope over deadly chasms
* Grab enemies, rip them in half, fling them across the room, slice their heads off, and spill their blood or engage in mini-games during combat when prompted to take down an enemy in style
* Trade in experience orbs to upgrade Kratos’ weapons and magic attacks
* Experience rich, interactive environments with animated foreground and background elements, including battles between characters, fire and water



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your rar have no app just pics...

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In that rar game is present

it is


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i like it very much

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I can not just download

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