Friday, November 2, 2007

Free Download Sonic the Hedgehog mobile game


Sonic The Hedgehog, the SEGA Genesis® classic, is coming to mobile phones in late 2005. Players will soon be able to re-experience Sonic’s landmark first adventure whenever and wherever they want to, and they won’t need to cart around a handheld game console to do it. Taking full advantage of the functions of the current-generation mobile phones, Sonic The Hedgehog offers players an unprecedented sense of speed.
Using only one action button and four directional buttons, Sonic The Hedgehog is an easy-to-play game that has aged beautifully. A strong art style, a familiar hero, and unmistakable music makes this a must-have cellular title.


* Bundled with mobile phone purchases. Players can enjoy all the original stages (excluding the bonus stages).
  • Simple operation; accessible gameplay for everyone.
  • Embedded with the following new GSM mobile phones: [VS3], [VS7] [SA7], [SA6] [MX7], [MX6]
  • Sonic The Hedgehog will be embedded with Panasonic Mobile Communications’ mobile phones for NTT DoCoMo when it releases in Japan.


S60v3 phones


Anonymous said...

anyone can tell me please. i had a nokia n80 and i was download it in to my n80 and after that i dont know what to do next. so what should i do???

Anonymous said...

Download Link not working... Please Check..

drraman said...

new link added

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