Thursday, November 29, 2007


The new version with slightly revised schedule (Screen).
The rest is old:
- download multiple files at once (up to 5 each);
- a list of references (Unlimited);
- dokachka and after avtostart after breaking;
- graphical interface;
- injection on the timer;
- many settings.

Management from the keyboard:
- C-injection disposal;
- Pressing the joystick-startstop injection;
- 4,5,6-screen size;
- 7,8,9-orientation of the screen (for Symbian 9).

When the injection of any files incomprehensible things happen (file is not lifted, while others wait rockingchair) is kindly requested to write to the author seems to the problem and provide a direct link to the problematic file. If other mistakes and will move the text box with his description also ask to send this text to really showing their actions that led to this.
Pay attention to a python-Tobago in the selection of the access point the old value is not taken into account and a list showing since the beginning.
Attachment-version for Symbian 9 (signed with the icon). Chtoba she worked, Python is to be installed in memory smartphone.
If the time when you start timer otstaet-ubegaet a state-shift time in your timer.


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