Saturday, November 17, 2007

Free Download Pedrosa GP 2007 mobile game


There are three game modes available: - Training: in this mode you can choose any circuit so you can learn its traces, which is basic so you can successfully undertake the championship. You race all alone without the bother of other bikes. -- Quick race : in this race you start last on the starting grid, and it's the fastest, most straight-forward way to enjoy the sensations of competition. You can choose any circuits from those you've currently unlocked. -- Championship: in this mode , the 250 cc is recreated, covering all the available tracks. As you advance, if you fulfill the requisites, you'll unlock the next track of the championship. First, there is the classifying lap, intended to obtain a better place in the starting grid. Then you'll run the race itself, after which you'll get points for the Championship depending on the result.

Compatible with

N73 / N75 / N76 / N77 / N93 / N93i / N95 / E50 / E65 / 5700 / 6110 / 6120/ 6290 / LG KS10 Joy
N 5500
N80 / E60 / E70


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