Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Free Download My Dog II - A Dogs Life mobile game

The cutest puppy ever has arrived on your mobile!
My Dog II - A dog’s life gives you the chance to adopt the most adorable pup.
Watch him growing in your flat, play with him, teach him dozens of fun tricks in the park and don’t forget to feed him.
Make him happy and give him all the love he needs.
This is more than just a game, this is your dog!

Screenshot of My Dog II - A Dogs Life mobile game

How To Play

Watch your dog’s behaviour as it will try to tell you if it needs something or is unhappy. Visit the local shop to purchase food, toys, grooming products and other items. You receive a daily wage that can be spent in the shop or even at the ice cream stall in the Park. Your puppy will need toilet training so make sure it makes it to the newspaper each time it needs to go. Also be sure never to leave a poop in the park or you'll get a fine from the Park Ranger! 4 / 6 - Left / Right 2 / 8 - Up / Down 5 - Select 0 - Pause Menu If your phone has a joystick or directional keys, you can also use those.

Compatible with
Nokia s60v3 phones
LG KS10 Joy


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