Wednesday, November 28, 2007

FREE DOWNLOAD MobileWish v2.0 S60

MobileWish is world's first complete mobile greetings messenger in Adobe Flash Lite, which allows users to send and receive the greetings to almost anyone around the world on their mobile handsets.E-greetings, apart from being a means to let the users free from hurdles of sending and receiving a physical greetings cards via postal or courier service, is also meant to be an opportunity for the people to be free from being bound to any particular physical location. PCs & Internet did allow some degree of freedom as one can check the account from anywhere using PC but one is still tied to the computer and cannot use it effectively while on go.MobileWish allows one to experience much higher degree of freedom by providing a complete experience on ubiquitous mobile handsets. Users can use their handsets to send and receive the greetings to almost anyone around the world.
When an user sends a card it is published for the MobileWish client , which the the recipient can use to receive the card on his/her mobile. Apart from this an email link will also be send to the recipient̢۪s email so that so that he can also view it through internet browsers on a PC. In addition to this , there will is a Desktop version which is similar to the mobile client, which can be used to get in touch with the mobile wish cards on the desktop.

The following diagram shows how MobileWish client works:
how MobileWish works This site is a prototype site to test and run MobileWish client, so as to let public download and use this application.

If you do not have a compatible handset, then still you can use MobileWish to send mobile greetings to all your near and dear ones by using the Desktop version provided below:

To know more details of the mobileWish client download the user guide below:


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