Monday, November 5, 2007

FREE DOWNLOAD Liquid Air Lab Spodradio v2.11

Listen to the best radios of the world on Your NOKIA Phone!

Now you can listen to the best radio stations and podcasts of the world wherever you are on your mobile phone. Listen to the best radio channels from all around the world. Thanks to the data communication via 2.5/3G you are able to listen to your favourite station wherever and whenever you want. Imagine listening to a song of which you always wanted to know who the artist is. With spodtronic this is no problem whatsoever: it simultaneously visualises the song currently playing with all the trivia concerning songs and artists, such as artist pictures, discography, news and a lot more. With spodtronic’s mobile podcatcher you can also download hundreds of podcasts directly onto your handset. Synchronisation with a PC becomes unnecessary; you can subscribe, download and play podcasts anywhere you want. If you've got an unlimited GPRS or 3G data connection, this is for you. If not, please check out your data plan before using the software.

Compatible with:
Nokia 6630
Nokia 6680
Nokia 6681
Nokia 6682
Nokia N70
Nokia N90


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