Sunday, November 11, 2007

FREE DOWNLOAD Hexic mobile game

The brains behind Tetris gets into a spin
It feels like a long time since we last mentioned Tetris on the site. The game was finally pushed off it's perch last year by Noel and Deal Or No Deal, since then the brick building dominance has been subdued.

What better time to release Hexic on mobile, also from gaming creator Pajitnov. Hexic has been available for through Microsoft with their PCs and Xboxes for a while now and it's not surprising that Oberon want to bring more casual gaming to your mobile.

The Hexic concept is more along the lines of Bejeweled than anything else. Rather than switching 2 blocks along straight lines, Hexic rotates 3 of them. Match three or more of the same colour in a cluster to make them disappear. New blocks will fall from above and take their place. The blocks are hexagonal and it may take a while to become fully accustomed to the pattern and how the rotation works. Learning all the tricks will take plenty of hours. Thankfully the controls are work well and it??????s easy to move your cursor across the hexagonal board using the Dpad.

The mobile version has three modes; marathon, time and survival. Marathon mode has no time limit and is spread across 7 levels. The first 6 levels are advanced tutorials and introduce you to the specifics of the game and some of the special pieces. Along with matching in clusters, you can try and complete a 6 block ring of one colour. This will give you a star flower which allows you to rotate 6 blocks at once. If you manage to make a ring of flowers, a black pearl is awarded. There are other bonus items out there as well as a few bombs. The final seventh level is continuous and you are free to match blocks until you die or make a cluster of black pearls (that would be some feat). Marathon mode is fun and quite relaxing to play. Time mode follows a very similar method to Marathon except you are now playing against the clock. The final Survival mode is more of a tactical puzzle mode. Here, the levels are virtually unlimited and the blocks are not immediately replenished. A level ends when no more matches can be made; the remaining blocks are locked in place and fresh blocks fill the remainder of the screen in time for the next level. If you manage to clear all the blocks then you will win the game.

The graphics and sound are adequate; there is nothing too fancy here but it gets the job done. To be honest that's what this package is all about. Playing the game itself is great, very enjoyable and follows the original format very well. But there's nothing frilly here. No doubt its existing console popularity will crossover to the mobile and the game will be a huge success. It's a shame that more wasn??????t made of the opportunity to showcase mobile gaming to a wide audience.


Cat said...

Glad I could found this game, thanks! But maybe you should put the resolution of the game or explain better the mobile phones it works for, because on mine (Sony Ericcson K810) the screen is too wide

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