Wednesday, November 28, 2007

FREE DOWNLOAD game- Bomberman Reloaded

The Bomberman series is a classic which has been implemented on all relevant game platforms. The goal is to clear the field using cleverly-placed bombs to send your enemies to the happy hunting grounds. The many power-ups give your Bomberman special abilities for that extra kick!

Bomberman Deluxe brings this classic back to life on your cell phone. Explore colourfully designed levels so big that they have to be scrolled. From a technical standpoint the game offers great graphics, super animation and the sounds to go with them!

The game offers three play modes: in normal mode you blast your way through 30 levels before meeting three tough end bosses. The vs. mode you can show your computer controlled enemies just what a hook is. In trophy mode you can collect extra bonuses by completing tasks such as collecting all the Power-Ups or defeating all of the end bosses.

Have a blast - with Bomberman Deluxe. This classic game is now available for your cell phone complete with 30 levels, loads of power-ups, tough end bosses and three play modes.


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eh pra pc?

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