Thursday, November 29, 2007

FREE DOWNLOAD Flurry Mobile Email

What is Flurry?
Flurry gives you free group messaging, email & feeds on your current mobile phone!* Some conversations go nowhere...take the ones you care about anywhere! With mobs, email & feeds, you never have to miss out on the essential stuff you love.
Mobs are a sweet new way to share rich messages with your groups of friends from the web or mobile. Share videos, pictures, messages, favorite feeds & rate posts! Get in all the action with custom SMS or email alerts for the mobs that matter most to you.
Use your current mobile phone to get emails from ALL of your accounts (Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). Read and compose email quickly. Easily import your contacts. Add notification filters and get SMS alerts of new email.
Read your favorite news, blogs & RSS feeds. Instantly share an article with your friends in a mob or via email. Discover and search for popular feeds when it's convenient for you.

What are Mobs?
MOBS are a sweet new way to message your groups of friends from anywhere. Share videos, pictures, favorite feeds, rate posts and more... Get in the action by receiving custom SMS or email alerts when friends message you. Quickly send one SMS or post and message all your friends for free! Use 1-on-1 mobbing to privately message and meet new people.
What can I 'mob' to my friends?
Mobile videos, photos, profile avatar (just SMS or email
Share links, email and feeds integrated with flurry
Thoughts: what's up with you?
Mob Flavors
visible to the public
anyone can join
visible to the public
must be invited to join
only visible to members
must be invited to join

Get all your email accounts on your current mobile phone!
Flurry brings all your email and news to your mobile phone.
Flurry makes mobile email Fast & Easy
It's a free application that makes reading and composing email fast and easy to use.* Add all your email accounts and access them in flurry on your phone.
Easily import your contacts
Import your contacts to your flurry account and then access them from your phone. You can then quickly and easily email or call anyone you know when you're on the go.
Get messaged from your MySpace page!
Put the flurry widget on your MySpace or other social networking page and your friends can send emails to flurry on your phone when they see that you're away.
Send pictures from your phone
On supported phones, you can easily take a photo in flurry and email it to all your contacts.
SMS text message notifications when you get new mail.
On supported wireless providers, flurry can send you text message notifications when you get new mail. Get texted when friends email you!
Search your mail and news, on your phone.
You can easily search your inbox with SimpleSearchTM. Just start typing what you are looking for, the same way you use T9, and flurry will find what you are looking for.

Read & share your favorite feeds on-the-go!
Read & share news, blogs, & RSS feeds.
You can sign up to get all your news, blogs and other RSS feeds pushed to flurry as they are released. Then you can easily share them with your friends while you're on the go.
Share your feeds with your mobs
You can easily share feeds with your friends while you're on the go. You can share a feed with a mob group and receive comments from your friends.
Share your feeds via Email
You can easily share feeds to your friends by email.

Flurry Friends unite!
One is the loneliest number…so get out there! Bring your friends on board. Make new friends from around the world.
Mobbing with the people who matter
You and your friends can be actively connected anywhere. You can mob from the web and your mobile phones…anywhere in the world! Update any number of your friends with a simple and quick post.
Friends with Benefits
You and your friends can get the conversation going by:
Posting what you're up to
Sharing the latest videos and pictures you've taken from your phone
Downloading photos that your friends share to your phone and setting them as wallpapers
Suggesting feeds, pictures and videos you just saw (e.g. integrated YouTube clips)
Emailing your mobs with more detailed posts
Telling friends what cool phone you're using these days
New Friends are Fabulous
You can discover new friends in mobs based on common interests and your friends-of-friends network. Check out what featured people are doing in your area


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I much prefer MovaMail. You can download it at They also have a mobile IM product/service available at

Perhaps you should do a review of these applications as well.


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