Thursday, November 29, 2007

FREE DOWNLOAD Eidos Tomb Raider Legend v1.0.6

This 3D game follows the story of Tomb Raider Legend, the new
title in massive Tomb Raider Franchise. Developed using ground
breaking 3D technology; its a 3rd-person action-adventure
game with an event-driven story & some of the most immersive
3D graphics ever seen in a mobile game.

The adventure takes Lara around the globe, exploring
treacherous tombs and uncovering mysterious ancient artifacts.
Lara Croft's search for a Pre-Incan relic changes course
dramatically when she meets a dangerous figure from her past.

World-spanning adventure, intrigue & mystery - based in the
real world with layers of mythology and tomb-raiding.
Striking, detailed, fast-moving graphics show off high-end
handset capabilities and legitimise mobile phones as gaming


* Lara Croft comes to life! - the sexy, dual-pistol wielding
adventurer comes to your phone screen in amazing detail,
presenting Lara in the finest fidelity to date.

* Return to the Tombs: LaraƆs new quest brings her to lost
ancient realms that guard Secrets of the Past.

* Platforms and Gunfights: Lara uses her natural physical
prowess to combine fast and frantic gunplay with unique
platform adventure freedom.

* This new adventure will take you through an impressive
journey of exotic locations from the high rise buildings of
Tokyo, to the deep jungles of Ghana, in which there are some
hugely unexpected situations for Lara to deal with in the way
only she can.


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