Monday, November 5, 2007

Download UpCode mobile software

UpCode™ is revolutionary and interactive. It is an optical code reader that uses mobile phones (or scanners) to add any electronic information or system to all media and any printed products including electronic information on screens. With the application it is possible to integrate all businesses and all forms of eCommerce. The code provides businesses and mobile phone users multiple access and interaction, for an example but not only to internet content simply by pointing their phone at a code. No tapping in www..... No remembering web addresses... or for example packaging, check nutritional content of food and beverages, check allergy warnings, play games, win prizes, automatic advanced CRM, logistics and payment functions - "whatever you can imagine" Just point and go!

By combining any media product (TV, print, audiovisual, outdoor advertising) with real time and changeable information on the web, UpCode provides the long waited link between all media technology.

UpCode is easy and fast to integrate into new or existing marketing systems and contents.

Then you can use your mobile in any country where you see the UpCode sign.


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