Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Download Phone mouse for Mobile software

PhoneMouse of the research center VTT, is a call sample “increased reality”, an experiment that allows to control the cursor of our Windows by means of the camera of a moving body Symbian S60 2ª edition. The program consists of a servant in the PC that is in charge to receive the connection of the telephone via bluetooth, and a program client who we will install in the moving body. We connected, and simply moving the cellular one we obtained a wireless mouse with which to handle the computer. The program emulates the pulsations of the mouse, allows to move by windows emulating the wheel and has key of “escape”.
Aside from its utility, that can be debatable, as concept is very interesting and the truth, is happening to handle the cursor with your super (movable) - mouse.

PhoneMouse is to optical PC's Bluetooth mouse in your mobile phone with you extend features.

Move your mobile phone to move your mouse
Highlight your presentation by drawing to transparent window
“Laser pointer” always available

PhoneMouseServer runs to under Windows® 2000 and XP operating systems. PhoneMouse (client) runs on 60 Series 2nd edition.


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