Saturday, November 10, 2007

BYPASS RAPIDSHARE - Download Like A Premium User

This is a tutorial to bypass rapidshare, this has been tested and it works.

1. Install Proxy Finder Enterprise
2. Click on Find
3. Click save and save proxies as a ".txt" file.

4. Open the txt file and highlight, then right click and copy the ammount of proxies you want to use. (Depending on how much you choose, depends on how long it takes to check proxies)

5. Then open cms grabber
5. Click on tools at the top right, then Proxy Checker!
6. Click on "Import from clipboard"
7. Then check one appropriate box, (Depending on where your downloading from)
8. Press "Check"...

9. When checking the proxies has completed, click "Copy valid proxies to Clipboard".
10. Exit proxy checker then go to Step 2 on CMS Grabber click on the "Edit" button.
11. Paste your proxies here as below

12. Save and exit.
13. Check your settings and make sure they are the same as below (Auto rotate etc.)

How to crack proxy finder enterprise:

1. After youve installed the proxy finder enterprise to your computer open the patch.

2. After youve opened it, click the button that says "Buscar" to change the installation directory. (Change the directory to where you have installed the proxy finder)

3. Click the button that says "instalar" and it will prompt you for action.

4. Click "Si" and it will install the patch and replace the file giving you a cracked proxy enterprise at your disposal.

2 comments: said...

whats up men your web is the best that i never see i have problem on the proxy finder i need to pay to save the proxys what i need to do? pay money? o where i can whet the security code im from mexico so i dont write good se yo mi mail is llamas__98@hot.. igree my please

diapering guide said...

Sorry boss it's very time consumming process.
I build my automated software for download files from rapidshare.

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