Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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common s60v2 phones are Nokia N90,Nokia N72,Nokia N70,Nokia 6630,Nokia 6600,Nokia 3230........see complete list here.

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common s60v3 phones are Nokia N95,Nokia N91,Nokia N73,Nokia 5700,Nokia 5500,Nokia 3250.......get complete list here.

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List of Phones

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Anonymous said...

I have just been checking out your blog and you have some really awesome stuff here. I have been creating free softwares download now for a little while ...keep up the great blog. I will bookmark it and be back.

Lotus Zen Pro Software

eshwar said...

i was not not beliving dat ur site has such a large and wonderfull stuff.very good work

drraman said...

thanx a lot eshwar......

Rahul said...

Thank you very much for such great softwares Eshwar
Navi Arora

Anonymous said...

please help me anyone to search total callrecorder, jar file for motorola u9

mani said...

very very good stuff man

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