Thursday, October 25, 2007

FREE DOWNLOAD Crazy Penguin Catapult game

Genre: RPG
Developer: Digital Chocolate
Publisher: Digital Chocolate

This total goof of a game has potential. You load cutie-poo penguins into a catapult and launch them out of their ice cave (careful not to hit the sides).
The goal is to drop the penguins on unsuspecting polar bears lingering outside. The penguin -- complete with crazed expression) bounces around the ice field, breaking ice cubes and slamming into Threatdown Threat Numero Uno: Bears. Birds beating bears? This is a game that Stephen Colbert (and myself) cold get behind.



elma kiraz said...

Crazy Party :

Crazy PENGU─░N cAPLT :

drraman said...

Thanks elma kiraz

Anonymous said...

thank you very much!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey ist das kostenlos

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