Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Download Call of Duty 4 mobile game

The all time gripping war game Call of Duty 4 is being developed by mobile game publishers Glu Mobile Inc. Glu Mobile are collaborating with video game publishers Activision Inc to develop a mobile phone version of Call of Duty 4.

Phones Review Say - With mobile phone games being download at even a faster and more popular rate mobile phones need to have all the latest games available and if this means all the top selling console games are popular then it needs to be put on mobile phones, and it seems top mobile game publishers are giving us what we need. Game on.
Call of Duty 4 Mobile Phone Game

Game For

E61, N80, N91, N95



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

next time try find a non rapid share de n thx

Anonymous said...

Is it safe??????

drraman said...

yes it is.

moneyrules said...

Try using 4shared it is better . Rapidshare has a wait and limit . Cool game though

Anonymous said...

not find it

drraman said...

Hey dude, now it works.

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